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To All of My Readers - Why Are U Grateful?
By David Harder on November, 21, 2018

To All of My Readers – Why Are U Grateful?

Why am I grateful?


I get to have Thanksgiving dinner with my soul mate who is solid as a rock and with the sweetest heart that I know.


Because we weathered the loss of my beloved dog Frankie and that we have two young dachshunds that seem ordained to be together, strikingly smart, adoring of us, and they zoom after each other at the speed of light.


The Woolsey and Campfire conflagrations are almost out. I cannot predict that everyone will come out better and stronger than before. However, all of us are being given the opportunity to become better by taking loving action to help them rather than just telling each other our sympathies.


I am grateful that in 1990 I discovered the work that I was born to do. I’m grateful that work became my incentive to heal. My boss from 30 years ago and I met for lunch. She asked what it was like to wake up in the morning. “What is it like to have thousands of lives change because of your work?” I opened my mouth and tears flowed with the words, “It feels like redemption.”


When employers ask me, “Which candidate shall we hire?” I respond, “Hire the one that is most grateful.”


We would do well to apply the same standard to our political candidates.


This morning, I’m grateful to be moving the turkey out of the brine, for the puppies at my feet and that tomorrow morning, we get to walk along the beach and call this place home.


To my wonderful and supportive readers, thank you for the past year and please feel free to comment on why you are grateful. I just might compile a few of your comments on Friday. Have a blessed holiday.


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