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Today, How Do You Want to Use Your Life?
By David Harder on June, 7, 2019

Today, How Do You Want to Use Your Life?

Many of my friends and readers represent some of the most positive thinkers and doers in our culture.


That said, we are now spending so much time reading, watching, viewing, observing, discoursing and becoming energized about the worst in our culture, that we are losing some of the very essences.


The first post on my news feed is from someone who I am sure is well meaning. It is about an open pedophile running for office In Virginia. We can spend a great deal of energy going on about how bad our culture has become? Why did this guy even make to declare his candidacy?


Before continuing, I am bracing myself for the many comments about Donald Trump’s new travesties. Let see, he’s dismantling oversight, protecting dictators, putting down people from all walks of life, and talking about his favorite subject.


Did I miss anything?


Before moving on, perhaps we can consider that engaging in the daily rant is actually fueling its persistence. If someone steps forward and makes shockingly awful statements and we repeat them, shouldn’t we be getting an advertising fee?


So today, I am giving far more attention to my friends who,


Shine the light from all 4 corners of the world,


Improve our culture by speaking out against intolerance and bigotry towards anyone (ah, little monsters, I did say “anyone.”),


Share moving memories and intimate lessons from people who are living as well as passed,


Talk about improving our love lives and work lives,


Announce her or his candidacy for office, any office, or commitment to solve one of our problems,


Go to any lengths in getting us to laugh,


Remind us that we are living in the greatest era of abundance, wealth, and opportunity,


Solve a big problem, cure an illness, hold the hand of someone who feels lonely or lost,


Play with a dog, rescue a dog, or hold their dog as they pass on,


Get a child to believe they have all that it takes to be successful and happy,


Inspire an adult to believe they have all that it takes to be successful and happy,


Recognize that every single moment we are alive is a blessing and an opportunity to change the game, to make life fresh, and to learn our way into a better version of ourselves.


Life is short. Go live it.


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