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By David Harder on December, 3, 2016

Transform Your Social Media Output!

Inspired Social Networking


Begins again on Tuesday, December 13 from 4-6 p.m. (PST) or Monday, January 9

with three additional virtual sessions.



When Inspired Work dug its way out of the “great recession” we looked at the potential of social media to build engaged and tailored communities that would grow our community and our revenue. So, we threw “the norm” out the window.



Was it successful? Our business grew dramatically. More revenue comes in today from social networking and we have a fiercely engaged graduate base. Today, I have over 11,000 participative connections and my articles reach over six million readers.



We offer a unique experience that elevates of your social networking efforts into a high-touch, creative, engaging and thoroughly effective experience. We promise the outcome for you or your team will exceed your expectations and every aspect of the work will feel better than before.



The people who can transform your career or your business are out there waiting for you. We show you how to reach them and draw them to the table.The program shows you how to reach them, bond with them and build an effective, perhaps even life-changing relationship.



Why would you want to attend?



Because you will step back into social networking with the kind of confidence that can only come from well-informed and very effective new skills. You will find a thread that reshapes each aspect of successful networking into a whole. Use what we teach and you will find a new community customized around your needs, your mission, your vision and purpose.


A word from one client:


“I came into Inspired Social Networking as a recognized leader in digital marketing and advertising. I felt that if I learned one of two things it would be valuable. The program is unique and offers a surprising take on using social media to build an actively engaged community. Today, most of my new business comes by using the techniques I learned in Inspired Social Networking.:


Dave Roth – President – Emergent Digital



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To enroll, call (310) 277-4850 or to enroll online by (Click Here)