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By David Harder on June, 4, 2016

The Truth Behind an Engaged Life

“Beware the barrenness of a busy life.”

 – Socrates


Effective personal change begins with visions, missions and purposes that are personal, meaningful and real. Translating vision into reality is one of the greatest of human experiences. The journey elevates lives and orchestrates growth.


Without clearly defined personal mission, vision and purpose we operate in a state of aimlessness and of barrenness. We clock in and we clock out. The resulting trance perpetuates the notion that a fulfilling vision is out of reach. The frenzy supports the idea we don’t even have time to look at what we want out of our lives. We miss the fact that self-inquiry is the most vital aspect in staying competitive.


Great leaders recognize that stakeholders become engaged when we help them access what they most want out of their work, their lives and their careers. As we develop the skills of self-inquiry the process becomes lighter, it is enlightening and produces environments where dreams and ambitions live in the light of transparency. We are able to support each other in pursuing the lives we want; lives that are as personalized and as clearly defined as a thumbprint. We are able to discuss our awareness and fears of falling out of step with change. The discussions lead to solutions. When we develop that kind of clarity, we become willing to experience the discomfort associated with reinvention and change.


How do I know this?


I’ve watched participants define the lives they want to have and commit to getting sober.


I’ve watched unhappy parents redefine their lives and become role models to their children.


I’ve observed workers who were making everyone around them miserable make amends and deal with the wounds of their past.


I’ve watched narcissistic executives become inclusive leaders.


None of these transformations took place by adopting someone else’s vision. It happened when they looked within themselves and defined who they wanted to be in their relationship with work and the world around them.


Developing work environments with robust self-inquiry would have been completely out of place in the industrial revolution. Many old world leaders will respond with contempt to the idea of developing self-inquiry with all of their workers. How on earth will we motivate workers to change and engage if we are not developing environments with shared vision? They new work world is one where leaders explore three questions:


  • What is our vision?


  • What is your vision?


  • How can we get the two to work together?

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