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By David Harder on May, 15, 2016

Upcoming Events

The Inspired Work Program

Saturday & Sunday, May 21 & 22 – Los Angeles

Upcoming:  June 25 & 26


Over 42,000 professionals have used The Inspired Work Program to transform their work.


The experience is exciting, well crafted, immersive and thoroughly effective. We believe that work is the biggest relationship that we have and that a fulfilling relationship with our work requires a personalized definition of what that means and the tools to remove any obstacles in the way of that relationship.


The results are detailed and the outcome is profound.


92% of our participants characterize the experience as life changing. Our participants come from every walk of life, every working generation and every professional track.


If you have outgrown your existing role. If you have questions about your work that you have been unable to answer. If you want to step into the six percent of people who love what they do for a living and are successful with that living, don’t miss it.


To enroll, call (310) 277-4850


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Inspired Social Networking

Monday, June 6 from 4-6 p.m. 

Followed by three additional modules on June 13, 20 & 27.


Join us for a virtual (phone + computer) training program that brings heart and soul to social networking.


Social networking offers the potential of building a customized and robust community that support your success, your career and/or your business.


Most people are using only a small portion of that potential.


We elevate social networking by applying high touch communications techniques that bring make relationship building pleasurable and effective. You will emerge from this training with much greater effectiveness, confidence and joy with all of your community building efforts.


“As a pioneer in digital marketing, I came to the program with skepticism. Today, I get most of my business using the techniques that I learned in Inspired Social Networking.”

 Dave Roth – CEO, Emergent Digital



For human resource professionals:


OCHRSummit – brought to you by PeopleG2

Wednesday, May 18 – Irvine, California


At the human resource conference in Irvine,  David Harder to present, “The Art of Change”


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TEC-Canada, Calgary, Alberta


June 9 – Calgary, Alberta


David Harder presenting “What is an Engagement CEO?”