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By David Harder on May, 27, 2018

We Are Depending On You

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”

– Leo Tolstoy


I have come to believe that everyone has a unique career DNA that is as personalized as his or her faces, his or her thump prints, and his or her outlooks. When they define what that is, the rest of life often falls into place.


I have also come to realize that having a unique and successful career in the modern world requires the development of a few basic life skills that are not taught in our schools and are unusual within the average family. When we develop those skills, the world opens in front of us.


With the acceleration of change, many of our brothers and sisters are feeling as if they are “kicked to the curb.” But, changing oneself is learnable and doable. If that sounds like pig latin, please feel free to reach out with questions.


The culture of outrage is an extension of the abject fear many people have from feeling left behind. There isn’t a politician on the face of the earth who can rescue us from that experience. It must be done individually. Is it worthwhile? Not only is it worth the effort, the world needs what you are here to contribute.


When I point my fingers and blame others for my misfortunes, I lose all power to change myself and hence change the world.


Leo Tolstoy once said, “Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing him(her)self.”


This is what is up for us. To learn how to change ourselves so that we can become critical influencers in the new world coming towards us. Helplessness will only get in the way.


Change yourself.


We cannot allow cynicism, contempt, aimlessness & resignation to get in our way.


Because we are depending on you.


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