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What Everyone Ought to Know About December
By David Harder on November, 21, 2020

What Everyone Ought to Know About December

It’s that time of year again, worshipping, shopping, cooking obscene quantities of food, and thinking through the possibilities of a New Year.


I’m not big on offering unsolicited advice but 2020 will most likely go down as the most difficult year in our collective history. Yogi Barra once said, “When you come to a fork in the road, take it.” The famed baseball pitcher and philosopher was making a point in how important it is for us to take rather than think about action. This time, it is just as important to take the right action. So, I will do my best to give a few suggestions such as, “If I were in your shoes.”


Today’s Notes Include:


  • What happened last weekend?
  • Where are 2021s big opportunities?
  • Why can December be so very important?


What Happened Last Weekend?


The unprecedented challenges impacting those of us who work pushed us to offer the November Inspired Work Program for $100 rather than $800.


Our participants came from all over the world. They blew away our fears that by making such a crazy reduction our participants would treat the program far too casually. But, they didn’t. They rolled up their sleeves and worked. They produced life-changing results. We were hit with so much goodwill and gratitude that we are completing 2020 with one more $100 program. Up to 100 participants can join us in December for the same fee.


We did this one out of love and my suggestion is to treat the opportunity in the same way. Take yourself into the new year with a new life. Give your friends and loved ones a gift unlike any other.


Where Are 2021s Growth Opportunities?


Let’s start with the obvious. if you work in an industry or organization that is shrinking, leave. Start by exploring the industries that are growing. Explore the ones that capture your imagination and interest. Rather than inundate our readers or turn my primary role into soothsayer, we will ongoingly provide news about “what’s next.”


A few of our hottest markets:




Duh! But technology is rapidly growing in areas that might not come to mind. Bio-science is at an accelerative turning point. Incurable diseases are being cured. Health improvements are more widely available and cheaper. New talent hubs are emerging in areas like Southern California but also throughout the world. Investment capital is committed and rich. This is an area ripe for growth with new business and employment. Plus, the dynamics are to be part of something that saves and improves our lives.


We were headed towards a tipping point with communications technology, now we are on fire. As the world became used to Zoom and Skype, business travel as we knew it is over. Consumers have always been the biggest drivers of change. As I write this, I’m looking at Sony Music and Universal Music. Both buildings have been empty for about six months. As commercial real estate undergoes its biggest shake-out ever, look to the organizations that make telecommuting easier, more gratifying, and productive.


Over the last few years, billions have been invested in virtual work technology. This isn’t Zoom or Skype. The drivers offer meetings that we can step into, travel experiences that feel as if we are there. Occulus comes to mind but most every huge technology company is taking high-quality virtual immersion seriously.


Social Entrepreneurism


Social entrepreneurs solve world problems by making the solution wildly profitable.


The category is growing more quickly than other forms of start-ups.


Virtually everyone is in the midst of a direct confrontation with mortality. Often, that leads to an urgency to develop meaning within our own lives. Work is one of the key platforms for such an opportunity. For many, making money is no longer enough. The trend is there for fresh graduates as well. Many no longer go to just any employer website. They look for organizations and leaders that cure disease, offer high-quality and cost-free education, clean-up oceans, and bring greater safety to our communities.


You do not have to move to Silicon Valley to become part of this movement. We find innovation centers throughout the world. There is a growing need for solutions and after we get through this year, I predict we will witness explosive growth.


How can you learn more? Open Google and enter social entrepreneurs, the world’s top social entrepreneurs, etc. Look to authors such as Peter Diamandis, Kevin Kelly, and, of course, Daniel Pink.


Media Content


We are in the midst of the greatest explosion of media content since having three Television networks. 2020 has been tough on media organizations and while quite painful, much change will be positive. Entertainment options have grown explosively for the last ten years. The pandemic became a big pothole for new development and production. As it comes back, we will find large volumes of employment and business opportunities.


Really, reruns of Charlie’s Angels can only go so far.


What is the Big Deal About December?


If you regularly ask people, “Where do you winter?” There is no need to continue.


Employers and larger clients are in the midst of finishing up their 2020 budget. That means many leaders want to spend what’s left of their existing budget, which will be gone in just a few short weeks.


When I was in the staffing industry, I offered people bonuses to stay in town. We routinely produced our largest billings.


Of all the times we have secured business, here’s my favorite story: We were in New York on a variety of business development calls. One was to meet the entire human capital team of a global media company. We were grilled for about an hour and felt the conversation had gone well. About five minutes after leaving the building, my phone rang. It was the leader of the meeting.


She said, “Would you please send us, immediately, a retainer invoice for $185K?”


Our administrator had just left for the holidays. So, I asked, “When do you need it?”


“We need it for a 2’clock payment run.”


We raced back to the hotel, sent an invoice, and two days later, received the funds. The project was delivered the following summer.


I live by a spiritual philosophy that has served me quite well. It is to raise our probability of success. But, the results are up to God. What I have noticed is that those of us who work hard, with open hearts, and a smile whenever possible, often turn out to be quite lucky.


Folks, we welcome your comments and participation.


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