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When Someone Does the Work - Tell Them
By David Harder on October, 4, 2019

When Someone Does the Work – Tell Them

Once in a while, a client or friend gives an acknowledgment that makes me speechless.


I started working with a brilliant talent executive at Disney almost 20 years ago. We designed a leadership program that continues to be used at the company today. I’ve worked with this guy through 3 additional companies. We have become close friends.


Shortly before launching Inspired Work in 1990, I wrote what my life would look like if I was sentenced to happiness. The definition is unique for all of us. One of the many standards I wrote down changed my entire life: That I would only work with brilliant and loving people.


This guy has personified the qualities without fail. Recently he joined our Advisory Board at workskunk.


This morning, we were having a discussion about workskunk and during our chat, he said, “I have always loved your writing and your musings. But in the last 6 months, I’ve come away from your articles with something more than appreciation of the message. You have become an amazingly skilled author.”


My writing career has had major ups and downs. My first book was published in 1998. Jack Canfield helped me get a publishing contract with HCI. I went to 22 towns, became a born-again Angelean, appeared on over 80 radio programs, did 5 Television stints and sold 26,000 books.


My next book deal was interrupted by 9/11.


By the time I began to seriously consider writing again, it wasn’t about getting a book deal. I felt a deep-seated need to become the kind of author that lives up to my brand, which is,


“All of us a unique purpose and gift. When we find that, we also find the meaning of our lives. When we succeed, the world finds meaning from our lives.”


In the quest of becoming a better writer, I have written over 500 articles, published a new book, and spent a fortune in getting input and guidance from some of the publishing industry’s greatest editors. To have any joy about this at all, I’ve had to practice not taking anything personally. One editor sent a note with big red scrawls on the cover, “You shit brilliance and forget the details.”


Being dear friends, I accused her of becoming a nickel-plated hooker. But, I began to catch more details and will always love her for the way she criticizes her clients with such fun that the medicine does go down.


I had one purchasing editor send a note so brutal that tears flowed and I called my agent. When I heard her voice I yelled, “Why the bleep are you crying?” Together, we realized the possibility that the content itself made the guy homicidal. OK. Move on, even if it takes a dose of courage to do it.


Somehow, today’s comment led to the awareness that I might be living up to the message.


Do you want to become happier with your life? Find what you were born to do.


If you want to be successful with that, find the right people to help you.


This is a good day.


I am blessed to be surrounded by brilliant and loving angels.


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