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By David Harder on April, 16, 2018

Why Political Leaders Will Not Tell the Truth About Work

The turmoil roiling through our country is reminiscent of the civil unrest that occurred in the UK during the dawn of the industrial revolution. At the time, vast changes handed out pink slips to most everyone who worked.


Our political leaders, in both parties, are doing a terrible job in telling the truth about work that can be helpful in moving forward the many people who are stuck. According to a recent New York Times survey, 48% of America’s workers view themselves as underemployed. This is the real scourge in our economy, individuals who view themselves as underutilized and underpaid. Right now, about half of the people who work are out of sync with change.


Of course, they are frightened and angry.


Modern focus group-driven politics don’t define what we need to hear. The political machine defines what we want to hear. Truth isn’t vital within that equation. Take one breath. Within that moment, envision a hundred task-driven workers being shown the door.


The acceleration of technology offers all of us new freedoms. But, the industrial revolution didn’t help anyone in how to use freedom. Most of us were tethered to jobs that required that we become a bit machine-like to survive. The business promise of that era wasn’t fulfillment and happiness. It was predictability and survival. Now, as the wave of Alvin Toffler’s Future Shock impacts all of us, so many workers don’t see freedom. Nope, many respond “get me another job, any job, perhaps even like the one I hated.”


Here is my promise. I will vote for leaders from any party who step forward with the courage to tell Americans what they need to hear. A nation of immigrants has attracted talent from all over the world. We have the most powerful talent pool on the face of the earth and big portions of that asset are being squandered as many of us become part of a new machine: the culture of outrage. Nothing is gained by slamming each other outside of extracting momentary distractions from the fear of, “what will I do now?”


We need political leaders that preach accountability. John F. Kennedy is the last President who wasn’t driven by a focus group. His narrative might have gone like this.


Don’t look to your government for a bailout from obsolete work. Instead of looking at industries that are shrinking look at the ones that are growing. There has never been a more opportune time to define what you were born to do and to go do that. Because in that unique DNA exists a purpose that will solve a problem. That solution will be your unique method of making the world a better place to live.


Will it be scary?


Of course.


Will it be uncomfortable?


At times.


Will life get better?


it will, for all of us.


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