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By David Harder on January, 7, 2016

Why You Need to Become a Surfing Coach!

Happy New Year!

For those of us who have learned how to adapt well to change, one of the most urgent ways we can serve others is to inspire and support them to change themselves.

Lest this statement be interpreted as a little high concept, let’s take a look at the influences that are at the gates of the global and American “job” markets:

  • The number one job for men in America is truck driver. For the past year, Daimler has been testing driverless trucks on the Nevada’s highways. Early data indicates they are safer for the public and less costly to run.
  • There are 17.6 million manufacturing jobs in our country. For anyone disputing the impact of 3D printing on this sector, consider this: Northrup is building fighter jets using 3D printing. They blew Boeing out of the last major contract because they were ahead of the game in this one technology.
  • Elizabeth Holmes became our country’s youngest female billionaire by launching Theranos, a revolutionary diagnostic testing company that will eliminate most traditional medical laboratory jobs.
  • By the end of this decade, products will be on the market that add 50 years to our lives, at least for those of us who can afford it. Consider how this will impact financial services and healthcare.

For many of us, personal change represents one of the most frightening aspects of living. Successfully navigating professional change involves building effective support systems, drawing healthy attention to ourselves as well as reaching out for help and education.

In 1971, the great futurist Alvin Taffler predicted the impact of change on us at the turn of this century:

“Future shock is the shattering stress and disorientation that we induce in individuals by subjecting them to too much change in too short a time.”

In the last 25 years I have facilitated profound change in people’s professional lives. In the two days they participate in The Inspired Work Program people literally redesign their lives around their highest personal standards and develop the skills to become more promotable, change jobs or start businesses. Consequently, I know that people have the capacity to successfully change their lives, their careers and their outlook.

Work isn’t going away. With every wave of change old work disappears and new work emerges. Those of us who either believe we can’t change or don’t know how will walk to the sidelines and become part of the growing malaise that haunts big blocks of our country, the unreported unemployed and underemployed.

When I work with organizations on employee engagement, I point out that if only 13% of the world’s workers are engaged, we need these individuals to show their colleagues how to change and how to engage. That is common sense.

By extension, it is also common sense to help people change.

Many of my readers understand this discussion. If that is the case, you are blessed, your are fortunate and you have much to give. Inspire your friends, colleagues and loved ones to also understand and take right action.

What kind of action?

  • Explore how change will or could impact your profession
  • Regularly examine your own needs and aspirations. If they are wildly out of sync with your livelihood, it is time to change. If you don’t know how to do this, find a resource that teaches skilled self-inquiry
  • Shift gears into continuous education
  • Learn how to sell, network, present and connect
  • Learn how to build effective support systems

What is the payoff for all of this hard work and irritation?


We have never lived in a time with such immediate access to growth.

As the waves of change grow higher, some of us are becoming used to near drowning. But that is actually a choice. The tools to find our ways to the top of the waves are here. Learning to catch the wave and ride with it is exciting, challenging and by the end of that crest, you will be a new person.

You will have a bigger take on life.

You will be more valuable.

You will be more confident about catching the next wave.

Upcoming Events

The Inspired Work Program (Los Angeles)

January 16 & 17 at the beautiful Luxe Summit

Work, for most of us, is the biggest relationship that we have.

The Inspired Work Program has led over 42,000 into great relationships with their work. In fact, this is the most advanced group program for those of us who work.

Inspired Work’s method is a Socratic process linked to a science-based model that is all about defining the best possible relationship you can have with your work. During this immersive experience, you will define all that you want to accomplish with such clarity that your outcome is immediate, actionable and unique.

Your experience of positive change is initiated by our curriculum. More tellingly, you leave with a skill set that helps you continue to initiate valuable growth rather than being swallowed by the waves of change.
Life is short. Our relationship towards work plays a significant factor of whether or not we are leading fulfilling and effective lives.

We encourage you to join us. Let’s usher in a truly New Year – together!

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Inspired Social Networking

January 19 – (4-6 p.m. (pst)

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Our virtual course produces transformative results in your overall social networking efforts.

During the program, you will learn how to:

  • Develop a profile that exceeds Linked-In’s “all-star” rating
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  • Customize your approach towards desirable connections
  • Develop a personalized and highly attractive communications style
  • Define and execute a successful personal brand on the Internet

This course is virtual and simply requires a computer and a phone.

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