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Work Time to Start Something New?
By David Harder on January, 15, 2020

Work. Time to Start Something New?

We are living at a time when doing what we most love to do is what we ought to do for a living.


There has never been a better time to do the work that matters and to do the work we love.


Technology isn’t taking away work, it is taking away tasks.


From that perspective, technology is giving us the freedom to do work that matters, to make money while we make the world a better place to live.


This is where the world is headed:


Want to become a billionaire? Help a billion people solve a problem.


Want to be successful and happy?


If you are working in a shrinking industry, leave! When a place starts becoming a place that requires its workers to smother their light just to get through the door, leave!


Do the work that you love because change is not going to get smaller, it will continue to speed up. Trust yourself, nothing will push you as much as love.


For those of us who love our work, we are more willing to jump in and try the waves. Keep our heads above water, and we might just grow at the speed of sound. When that happened to me, I was quite frightened at first. Now, I wouldn’t choose any other way to live.


Half of our country’s workers describe themselves as underemployed. That, my friends, is what happens to us when we protect ourselves from change. We use cynicism and contempt to distance ourselves, even with the ones that are offering to help us move forward.


Giving our children a pushy suggestion such as, “Go find yourself a real job” is no longer true. In fact, the missive is as modern as going to the airport and asking for directions to the Titanic.


Today’s college graduates are adopting suggestions that I’ve given to our clients for years:


Don’t rely on jobs you find on the Internet. If you have any self-love at all, research the organizations and hiring managers that fit your purpose, morals, values, style, instincts, and outlook on life. There is no guarantee of success. And yet, we have the power to increase the probability of success every-single-day.


It is usually far more valuable to define the organizations and the people we would love to work for.


Every day, task work gets a little bit cheaper.


Step into the future of work and there is far more taking place than more tasks. Look for the work that uses empathy, creativity, narrative, big picture thinking, solving problems, strategy, inventing, taking care of others, and/or providing accountability to customers.


The list is a lot longer but behavioral scientists have discovered the human mind is capable of thinking about something other than ourselves for only 15-seconds.


My time is up.

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