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Can Anyone Get Away With It?

By David Harder on the June, 6, 2017

There is one common theme in the news this morning – our reaction to the new transparency. Individuals, political and business leaders, most everyone is adjusting to a new reality and a new idea: Everyone can see you. My readers know that I support people with their work and organizations […]

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The History Behind the World’s Most Disengaged Workforce (Part Two)

By David Harder on the June, 2, 2017

“America’s greatness has been the greatness of a free people who share certain moral commitments.” Freedom without moral commitment is aimless and promptly self-destructive.” John W. Gardner In 1975, America had a relatively stable workforce that clocked-in & clocked-out. We were living the dream spawned almost 300 years before during […]

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The History Behind The World’s Most Disengaged Workforce (Part One)

By David Harder on the June, 1, 2017

“Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.” George Santayana It is a fact that about 87% of the global workforce is disengaged. There are a series of historic events that created our present challenges. And, there is value in studying what happened that created so much […]

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Why Must Employee Engagement Have a Democratic Solution?

By David Harder on the May, 30, 2017

In August, Career Press publishes my new book The Workplace Engagement Solution. As many of my readers know, I have declared war on disengagement. According to Gallup, the trance of disengagement impacts 87% of the world’s workers. It hurts families and undermines our children’s future. The trance does more than […]

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Why the CEO Must be the First to Engage

By David Harder on the May, 29, 2017

If 87% of the world’s talent is disengaged, the probability of CEOs also being actively disengaged is pretty high. With a purely democratic solution, the global disengagement problem can only be solved if everyone from the entry-level worker to the CEO/owner is dealing directly with his or her own engagement. […]

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The Missing Lesson in John Sculley’s Bloody Turf War

By David Harder on the May, 28, 2017

Business Insider recently named John Sculley one of the “fifteen worst CEOs of all time.” Little is said about the pathology that led to his stripping “rival” Steve Jobs of all power, essentially firing him. I often characterize disengagement as “going through the motions without thinking of motion’s consequences.” We […]

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Why We Don’t Use Assessments

By David Harder on the May, 27, 2017

For most of us, work is the biggest relationship that we have. Why a relationship? When we launched Inspired Work, my work engagement company, the practice of using career assessments was quite popular. But an assessment only measures superficial aspects and truths about a person’s skills and probable best roles. […]

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The #1 Reason Human Resource Executives Get Thrown Under the Bus

By David Harder on the May, 21, 2017

If 87% of the world’s workers are disengaged, odds are pretty high that we have a number of CEOs, business owners, and Chief Human Resource Officers that are suffering from the same malady. Disengagement often shows up as going through the motions, of not being present enough to think through […]

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The Shame Game with Corporate Culture

By David Harder on the May, 4, 2017

If global workforce engagement is only 13%, odds are that a number of workers in your organization are in a trance. Odds are also high that a consultant is standing in front of you telling you it is the fault of your culture. The fundamental problem around all of this […]

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Does an Engaged CEO Ask or Dictate?

By David Harder on the May, 1, 2017

For years, we have been giving customized 360s to CEOs and senior leadership. However, we don’t send out a consultant to gather feedback. The participating executive does that. Prior to designing customized interviews, we invest a great deal of time learning details about each significant stakeholder relationship and business issues. […]