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Study Him

By David Harder on the April, 27, 2022

Yesterday, there were a series of posts on Facebook offering generous helpings of condemnation over Elon Musk’s “purchase” of Twitter. One rant was centered on how that money could have ended world hunger. There was not one mention of whether the person making that statement had ever sent out a […]

My Prayer for the United States of America

My Prayer for the United States of America

By David Harder on the October, 2, 2018

This morning, I have one prayer for our country:   That we find ways to collaborate and respect each other, recognizing that political differences are superficial, especially when compared to what is possible.   I also pray that we recognize much of the turmoil in this country is about change. […]

What if the Turmoil Isn't Political?

What if the Turmoil Isn’t Political?

By David Harder on the September, 7, 2018

If ever there was a time when America was at risk, it is right here and right now.   However, I am not pointing a finger at politics.   I am suggesting that underemployment is creating the kind of turmoil that sets the stage for the politics at hand.   […]


A Whole New Game to Solve Underemployment

By David Harder on the September, 3, 2018

Those of us who work or employ others are swimming through larger and larger waves of change. But, many are losing faith they will play valuable roles in the future or progress economically.   This past year, I came to the conclusion that much of the turmoil rolling through our […]

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The Single Most Important Trait in a Hire? Surprise!

By David Harder on the July, 28, 2018

“Years ago, we were in the midst of making a difficult hiring decision between three very good attorneys. You made a statement that left a deep impression on me. I asked for your opnion and you said, ‘Hire the candidate that is going to be the most grateful.’”   This […]

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Demonize Amazon? Nope! Study Them.

By David Harder on the April, 13, 2018

Americans have a great thirst for buying large quantities of things at the cheapest price possible. But, how is it that one business delivers on that desire and creates superior customer service while others view customers as a commodity for shareholder value? How does one company deliver value as talent […]

United Airlines CRJ

Another Shocking Back Story About United Airlines

By David Harder on the March, 7, 2018

If only 13% of the world’s workers are fully engaged, there is a high probability that a wide variety of senior executives are disengaged, going through the motions and making decisions without questioning overall impact on the business. In The Workplace Engagement Solution (Career Press), I highlighted United Airlines as an employer […]

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Mid-Management. Engagements Final Frontier

By David Harder on the January, 11, 2018

In a Harvard Business School study, mid-level managers emerged as the most disengaged of all workers. This is not a big surprise. Mid-managers are overworked, undervalued, and the most at-risk employees during layoffs. Academics and business authors routinely suggest that we get rid of them as a first step to […]

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Shattering the Business of Sexual Harassment

By David Harder on the January, 10, 2018

The phenomenon of transparency has led to a tectonic shift in how our culture responds to sexual harassment. For many of us, the surprisingly swift departures of CEOs, bankable celebrities, politicians and other big revenue makers indicate a tipping point. Why are actions like these so very new?   For […]

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When Do Human Capital Executives Take a Fall for the CEO?

By David Harder on the December, 21, 2017

An effective partnership between a CEO and the Chief Human Resource Officer has become one of the key factors of an organization’s success. However, there is an all too common breakdown that very few business journalists discuss. When a chief human resource officer comes to me with a career opportunity. […]