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The moment we raise our standards, we start trading in the people who told us to settle for the people who help us realize the lives we are meant to have.
Our health is priceless.
Define the life that brings you joy and purpose.
Everyone around you will become healthier as well.
There is a large group of people dedicated to keeping us in the past.
They tell us we cannot live without them.
If we believe that, the welfare of the world will depend on our children.
The people that told us to get a “real job” settled for rote and mind-numbing work with a manager behind them yelling, “HURRY!”
Until recently, success was restricted to making money.
The new game is to do whatever we want with our lives and make money from that.
Task-based work is being turned over to technology because it is cheaper, doesn’t need breaks, and doesn’t have tantrums for not being appreciated.
What’s next?
Some of us will opt to start our own businesses.
Others will launch careers tailored around their values and lifestyle.

The Inspired Work Program

The Country’s Most Life-Changing Program for Your Work

Location – Livestream in Your Own Home or Office.

May 14th & 15th

Good News for the World!

Millions of workers have decided to let go of work that doesn’t feed their souls.

Many others have concluded they have outgrown their work but don’t know where to begin.

It’s Getting Better!

There has never been a better time to change careers, start or reinvent a business, or learn the same skills that bring us wealth and abundance.

Advancing technology gives us far greater freedom to do what we want with our lives and offers opportunities we could not have fathomed just a few short years ago.

Finally, there has always been a deep thirst for meaning in our lives. As the world undergoes the most significant restructuring of work in over 300 years, meaning is the best fuel that drives personal change.

How Do We Know This?

Thus far, we have helped almost 50,000 people find the work they were born to do. Our participants come from all walks of life throughout the world.

Many of our participants join us to sort out their career options. By the end of the program, most of our graduates have no options.

Because they have identified the ideal role. And on the second day, they understand how they will thrive in their new journey.

Is That Insane?

We are proud of our accomplishments. There isn’t anything better than to connect with the people that have used us and developed better lives.

What troubles us is the world around us. Without understanding and guidance, underemployment has become one of the biggest contributors to the turmoil in our country.

Our commitment is to get our solutions into the hands of everyone who works.

In April, we lowered the charge for The Inspired Work Program from $800 to $200.

At the same time, we launched workskunk. Our little baby is a sophisticated digital platform that provides skill and mindset development for getting the most out of how and why you make a living.

Every day, you will find breaking news from the world of work with how that can improve or change your livelihood. 

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A word from Dr. Mary Campbell, Chief Talent Officer at USC and how the program impacted many their participants:

If our message resonates, don’t take years to show up!

The breakthroughs and improvements the program will bring into your every day life are particularly relevant in a world of accelerating change.