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How Can You Sentence Yourself to Happiness?

How Can You Sentence Yourself to Happiness?

By David Harder on the October, 24, 2018

The secret to happiness is freedom…And the secret to freedom is courage. – Thucydides   There was a time in my life where I put happiness into the future. I was always working towards a goal without enjoying much of this day-to-day ride called “life.” I was so busy delivering […]

The Surprising Way to End Rebellion With Our Children

The Surprising Way to End Rebellion With Our Children

By David Harder on the October, 13, 2018

“Don’t worry that children never listen to you; worry that they are always watching you.” Robert Fulghum   For generations, humans have traded in the spiritually bankrupt practice of telling children what to do with their work lives rather than encouraging their children to define what they most want. We […]

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Does Your Tribe Own Or Support You?

By David Harder on the October, 11, 2018

“The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other’s life.     – Richard Bach   All too often, we underestimate the power of tribe on our decisions, communications, and behavior. Tribes are made up of families, employers, associations, clubs, stores, […]

What if the Turmoil Isn't Political?

What if the Turmoil Isn’t Political?

By David Harder on the September, 7, 2018

If ever there was a time when America was at risk, it is right here and right now.   However, I am not pointing a finger at politics.   I am suggesting that underemployment is creating the kind of turmoil that sets the stage for the politics at hand.   […]


A Whole New Game to Solve Underemployment

By David Harder on the September, 3, 2018

Those of us who work or employ others are swimming through larger and larger waves of change. But, many are losing faith they will play valuable roles in the future or progress economically.   This past year, I came to the conclusion that much of the turmoil rolling through our […]

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One Innovation That Will Change Entire Categories of Work

By David Harder on the July, 12, 2018

Picture this. You’ve wanted a new BMW convertible for quite some time. You get a promotion and a bonus. Your first thought is to order your brand new car.   So you go to BMW’s website and build the car online with all of the options, “Individual” paint and leather […]

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How Can We Make This A Memorable Memorial Day?

By David Harder on the May, 28, 2018

I can already see the crowds growing on the beach in front of our home. Later today, barbecues will fire up for that first summer party. Sailboats are offshore, many filled with friends and relatives who flew in for a beautiful Memorial Day in Los Angeles. My eyes rest on […]

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End Your Relationship With Facebook? Really?

By David Harder on the March, 22, 2018

This morning, I’m waking up to all of the messages about ending one’s relationship with Facebook.   Yesterday, I led the last installment of Inspired Social Networking and was telling our participants that we now live in the world of transparency. The tipping point for sexual harrassment happened because of […]

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Social Networking: How We Transformed the Results

By David Harder on the November, 17, 2017

“What emotions would we experience if we weren’t working ourselves to death? What wishes drive us? What fantasies hitch themselves to our continual busyness? Only when we step away from our frenzy can we know.”   Arlie Russell Hochschild   Human beings are capable of thinking about something other than […]

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Trust Your Answer

By David Harder on the November, 13, 2017

Every day, new technology brings obsolescence to another segment of task-based work. For those of us who view work from any remnants of the Industrial Revolution, this is the very time to cast aside complacency and to take action. The work of today as well as tomorrow is more creative, […]