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The Crisis About Trump & Job Growth

The Crisis About Trump & Job Growth

By David Harder on the June, 15, 2019

For decades, unemployment has been a political number that has never offered an accurate story about the state of our economy or the wellness of our people. Today, we are down to 3.6%, but that figure doesn’t include the millions of citizens who dropped out of the labor market.   […]

What is Fear of Success​ Really

What is “Fear of Success”​ Really?

By David Harder on the April, 15, 2019

Picture this:   You awaken in your waterfront apartment in Monaco. The sun is fresh and bright, the air is clean, you open your window and look down at your Perini Navi superyacht. The crew has been readying the boat for a voyage to the Seychelles. As you pass the […]

Work's Single Most Important Revolution

Work’s Single Most Important Revolution

By David Harder on the December, 19, 2018

The American spirit was founded on optimism, which is vastly different than hope. Optimism is the belief that our actions will lead to better lives. Now, optimism is being fused to profit-making and the results are spectacular.   No other category of work better symbolizes optimism than in our country’s rapidly […]

This Political Scandal Called “Work”​

By David Harder on the October, 15, 2018

Earlier this week, Sarah Huckabee Sanders apologized for making a claim that Donald Trump created 700,000 jobs while Barack Obama only created 195,000 new positions. The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that Trump created 708,000 jobs, Obama created 3 Million positions.   What is so outlandish about the numbers is […]

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The Great Transparency Revolution

By David Harder on the September, 18, 2018

The 2008 Great Recession continues to haunt virtually everyone who works and every organization that employs people. Getting through the event became a full-time job. And while that was happening, the acceleration of change grew exponentially, creating the need for behavioral change within individuals and organizations. For example, while many […]

The #1 Way to Get a Raise - with Total Integrity

The #1 Way to Get a Raise – with Total Integrity

By David Harder on the August, 11, 2018

“I just believe that the way that young people’s minds develop is fascinating. If you are doing something for a grade or salary or a reward, it doesn’t have as much meaning as creating something for yourself and your own life.” Steve Wozniak   For several decades, I’ve have helped […]

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7 Questions Every CEO Needs To Answer About Talent

By David Harder on the July, 27, 2018

I wrote The Workplace Engagement Solution with a commitment to define a practical and actionable response to disengagement. It’s a big deal. According to Gallup’s last global survey about 87% of the world’s workers are disengaged. In our country, billions of productivity per day are removed from our economy because so many […]

why goals don't work

Why Goals Don’t Work

By David Harder on the July, 25, 2018

“Stop setting goals. Goals are pure fantasy unless you have a specific plan to achieve them.”   Stephen Covey   For much of my early professional life, I was a sales manager in the staffing industry. I worked in three multi-national companies and one highly robust local firm.   During […]

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Why Active Learners Own the Future

By David Harder on the July, 24, 2018

We used to derive our security from a job. Today we find our security from growth.   In many ways, I believe this was always the case. Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “I believe the most important characteristic parents ought to foster in their children is curiosity.”   Active learning is […]

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Five Killer Filters Everyone Uses to Sabotage Change

By David Harder on the July, 14, 2018

America seems to be at a crossroads. Through my research and feedback from our clients, I have come to the conclusion that many of our citizens are skeptical about their future. For example, a recent survey indicates that 48% of America’s workers view themselves as “underemployed.” That number speaks directly […]