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The Truth Behind Mary Barra's Debacle

The Truth Behind Mary Barra’s Debacle

By David Harder on the November, 27, 2018

General Motor’s CEO is clearly willing to take decisive action in moving the company forward. But, her overall performance is strikingly uneven.   Let’s start with the good news. Barra has made bold moves towards the future by investing in self-driving cars, electric vehicles and ride-sharing networks. In 2016, GM […]

Does Your Bank Love You or View You as an Easy Mark?

Does Your Bank Love You or View You as an Easy Mark?

By David Harder on the November, 8, 2018

Many consumers pay little attention to the quality of certain vendors. Banking is all the same right? And yet, we find that the CEO or owner of all businesses sets the tone in how customers and employees are treated.   In 1990, I launched Inspired Work out of my condo […]

Why Have Employer Brands Become More Important Than Consumer Brands?

Why Have Employer Brands Become More Important Than Consumer Brands?

By David Harder on the November, 5, 2018

Employer brands have become equally important to consumer brands.   A consumer brand tells the world why you exist.   An employer brand is who are actually are.   In our country, entire tribes of CEOs perpetuate an idea that in order to offer low-prices customers are willing to have […]

How Can Elon Musk Be Saved?

How Can Elon Musk Be Saved?

By David Harder on the September, 28, 2018

Many of us don’t define what we truly want to accomplish with our lives because we believe, on some fundamental level, that the right people will not show up to help us.   However, once we define what we want to accomplish, our success is purely based on the quality […]

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7 Questions Every CEO Needs To Answer About Talent

By David Harder on the July, 27, 2018

I wrote The Workplace Engagement Solution with a commitment to define a practical and actionable response to disengagement. It’s a big deal. According to Gallup’s last global survey about 87% of the world’s workers are disengaged. In our country, billions of productivity per day are removed from our economy because so many […]

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Why is Your Employer Brand More Important Than Your Consumer Brand?

By David Harder on the July, 18, 2018

Who would you rather work for? United Airlines or Southwest Airlines? Google or Yahoo? Vons/Safeway or Trader Joe’s? Odds are high that you have identified the better employer with each example simply through word-of-mouth or direct customer experience. Or, you might be seriously interested in working for one of these organizations so […]

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How Do We End High Turnover in the Technology Industry?

By David Harder on the May, 24, 2018

The technology industry tends to be very good at hiring people, keeping them is an entirely different matter. Gourmet lunches, pool tables in the break room, gyms, and onsite daycare are certainly nice perks but the tech industry has the highest turnover within all industry categories. Average tenure hovers around […]

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Demonize Amazon? Nope! Study Them.

By David Harder on the April, 13, 2018

Americans have a great thirst for buying large quantities of things at the cheapest price possible. But, how is it that one business delivers on that desire and creates superior customer service while others view customers as a commodity for shareholder value? How does one company deliver value as talent […]

United Airlines CRJ

Another Shocking Back Story About United Airlines

By David Harder on the March, 7, 2018

If only 13% of the world’s workers are fully engaged, there is a high probability that a wide variety of senior executives are disengaged, going through the motions and making decisions without questioning overall impact on the business. In The Workplace Engagement Solution (Career Press), I highlighted United Airlines as an employer […]

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Why Must the CEO be the First to Engage?

By David Harder on the January, 23, 2018

If 87% of the world’s talent is disengaged, the probability of CEOs also being disengaged is pretty high.   For years, my company has produced engagement with intact teams. We’ve produced great results regardless of the overall engagement level throughout an organization. When I was asked by the business publisher […]