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What if the Only Thing to Fear is Forgetting the Practice of Courage?

By David Harder on the June, 7, 2018

The moment we commit our lives to avoiding discomfort, we sentence our lives to mediocrity.   The dogs in this picture grew up around a lion who had been rescued when his mother was killed. One of the dachshunds squeezed into the lion’s pen. Three others followed. The lion and […]

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What Will You Do With Freedom?

By David Harder on the June, 4, 2018

One of the most valuable books I devoured this past year is Kevin Kelly’s The Inevitable. In it, Kelly, who is one of the tech industry’s most respected journalists, talks about ten emerging technologies that are going to transform how we live, work, communicate and even think. The gist is, […]

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How Do We End High Turnover in the Technology Industry?

By David Harder on the May, 24, 2018

The technology industry tends to be very good at hiring people, keeping them is an entirely different matter. Gourmet lunches, pool tables in the break room, gyms, and onsite daycare are certainly nice perks but the tech industry has the highest turnover within all industry categories. Average tenure hovers around […]

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Is Your Industry Shrinking or Growing?

By David Harder on the May, 11, 2018

Right now, the acceleration of change is creating radical new predictions about how much disruption will happen with all of us who work. For the creative, adaptive and active learner, the road ahead is filled with opportunity, excitement, and growth. In fact, there are enormous options for professionals who become […]

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Why Political Leaders Will Not Tell the Truth About Work

By David Harder on the April, 16, 2018

The turmoil roiling through our country is reminiscent of the civil unrest that occurred in the UK during the dawn of the industrial revolution. At the time, vast changes handed out pink slips to most everyone who worked.   Our political leaders, in both parties, are doing a terrible job […]

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Are You A Profit-Maker or an Expense?

By David Harder on the April, 6, 2018

It was 1990 and one of the nation’s largest banks was starting to fall apart. A rather visionary human resources executive came to one of our first programs to evaluate whether we could help their employees do more than simply transition into another job. Soon after her attendance hundreds of […]

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How Do You Make A Wildly Successful Career Transition?

By David Harder on the February, 18, 2018

Mel Spiese devoted his entire life to doing the right thing. He grew up in a very loving and supportive family and yet, they didn’t push him to excel. So, he didn’t. As college approached, he walked into an ROTC office and realized they offered the possibility of becoming someone […]

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How to Avoid the Boss From Hell

By David Harder on the February, 15, 2018

“People ask the difference between a leader and a boss. The leader leads, and the boss drives.” Theodore Roosevelt   The single most important piece of information you need to know before accepting a job is, “Who’s the boss?”   Many people don’t give it much thought because they are […]

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Self-Help – Built By Cheats, Charlatans & Used-Car Salesmen

By David Harder on the February, 13, 2018

When my first book was published, I had a struggle with my publisher because they wanted to put The Truth About Work into the self-help category. I don’t know one truly successful person who practices self help. In fact, when a talented individual tells me they are failing, it is usually because […]

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Why Pitches Don’t Work on LinkedIn

By David Harder on the February, 2, 2018

“You cannot underestimate people’s ability to spot a soulless, bureaucratic tactic a million miles away. It’s a big reason why so many companies that have dipped a toe in social media waters have failed miserably.” – Gary Vaynerchuk   Social media is today’s single greatest marketing resource for building a […]