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Were Tasks Ever That Much Fun

Were Tasks Ever That Much Fun?

By David Harder on the April, 12, 2019

Every day, I find myself in conversation with someone who is underemployed. For those who have taken on survival jobs, it can be very difficult to hear that we are actually coming into an era of work that offers us an unprecedented opportunity and not just to make good money. […]

28 Years Old - What Have I Learned?

28 Years Old – What Have I Learned?

By David Harder on the September, 16, 2018

The following is a stream-of-consciousness narrative about finding a purpose so compelling that I stuck with it, no matter the challenges and circumstances.   After 28 years of helping people find their ideal purpose and helping them orchestrate their success, I will do my best to share what I believe […]

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A Whole New Form of Social Networking

By David Harder on the October, 15, 2017

  Inspired Social Networking    Begins on Wednesday, November 8 from 4-6 p.m.   Regardless of how skilled you are with social media, Inspired Social Networking will elevate how you experience the process and transform your results. The program blends the best of high-touch business development practices with straightforward online […]

The Workplace Engagement Solution

This Book is Cooked!

By David Harder on the February, 20, 2017

13% global work engagement isn’t a business problem, it is a tragedy that impacts our families, our customers and virtually every aspect of our lives.   The vast majority of employee engagement initiatives produce mediocre results or fail altogether.   In 2008, we began working with University of Southern California […]

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Courage Set Him Free

By David Harder on the December, 31, 2016

He is in his mid-forties, a passionate father of three beautiful girls and the sole breadwinner of a family he is utterly devoted to. When we met, Jackson Lynch was the chief human resource officer for a Fortune 1000  paper company in Washington. He had masterfully orchestrated and managed talent during […]


An Inspired New Year

By David Harder on the December, 20, 2016

This Year, Give the Gift of Clarity – Meaning – Purpose – Joy THE INSPIRED WORK PROGRAM Saturday & Sunday, January 7 & 8 (Los Angeles) Clarity – Meaning – Purpose – Joy Work is probably the biggest relationship that you have – right? If you are like many of […]

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My Single Most Important Lesson About Success

By David Harder on the December, 11, 2016

A segment from this summer’s upcoming book, The Workplace Engagement Solution (Career Press) by David Harder:     Many people don’t pursue what they really want because, at the core, they believe they will never get the help that brings their vision to life. Once we define a mission, vision […]

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Will You Ever Overcome Fear?

By David Harder on the December, 5, 2016

In a culture fixated on security we have reinforced the myth that there is something fundamentally inadequate about us when we feel fear. If that is the case, we construct our lives around avoiding fear and as a result, the real and best opportunities don’t even reach our field of […]

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Transform Your Social Media Output!

By David Harder on the December, 3, 2016

Inspired Social Networking   Begins again on Tuesday, December 13 from 4-6 p.m. (PST) or Monday, January 9 with three additional virtual sessions.     When Inspired Work dug its way out of the “great recession” we looked at the potential of social media to build engaged and tailored communities […]

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Perhaps it is time to make change work for you:

By David Harder on the November, 28, 2016

In 1970, the great futurist Alvin Toffler predicted that technology would accelerate the rate of change to such dizzying levels that by the turn of the century most people would be in a perpetual state of shock trying to absorb too much change in too short a period of time. […]