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How Do You Make A Wildly Successful Career Transition?

By David Harder on the February, 18, 2018

Mel Spiese devoted his entire life to doing the right thing. He grew up in a very loving and supportive family and yet, they didn’t push him to excel. So, he didn’t. As college approached, he walked into an ROTC office and realized they offered the possibility of becoming someone and stop being disappointed in himself. He loved the Marines and over time, received several degrees, rose through the ranks, and eventually became a Major General in charge of all training and development.   When someone grows up professionally in one organization, they often leave with a unique set of […]

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Self-Help – Built By Cheats, Charlatans & Used-Car Salesmen

By David Harder on the February, 13, 2018

When my first book was published, I had a struggle with my publisher because they wanted to put The Truth About Work into the self-help category. I don’t know one truly successful person who practices self help. In fact, when a talented individual tells me they are failing, it is usually because of isolation.   Self-help is a big industry. It is filled with brilliant and loving people. My literary agent Lisa Hagan specializes in self-help and you would never find someone with greater integrity, love, and smarts. But let’s begin by examining the definition. Are we marketing to a truth or […]

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Don’t Ever Go to Single Friends for Relationship Advice!

By David Harder on the February, 12, 2018

Years ago, I came down with a minor illness that required my hiding at home. It didn’t kill me but at one point I told God, “I wouldn’t mind.” While I was at this low point, my office sent over the mail and on the top of the stack was a package from Jack Canfield. Jack was one of the first big deal leaders to endorse my work and he actually orchestrated my first publishing contract. Inside was his newest book, Success Principles. Jack included a generous note and said, “I so admire the courage that it takes for you […]

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Is Information Overload Making Us Nuts? It has for thousands of years.

By David Harder on the February, 2, 2018

People don’t run out of dreams – people just run out of time. Glenn Frey – The Eagles   In 1970, my hero, the brilliant futurist Alvin Toffler predicted that by the turn of the century, we would be in continual information overload. This has come to pass. Today, we consume 34 gigabytes of content or about 100,000 words of information per day. We encounter enough information to fill 174 newspapers. We tend to get overwhelmed but perhaps it is the quality of the information that is causing the stress. For example, the brain processes 400 Billion bits of information per […]


The Great Political Failure of Work

By David Harder on the January, 29, 2018

There has never been a more important time for the workers of America to discover the vast opportunities to make new and better livings. Today, it is easier to start a business, find the “dream job,” and to do work that is far more interesting. In fact, for many, doing so is a necessity.   Unfortunately, too many workers are not keeping up with change, which is directly linked to employee engagement and employability. The numbers speak for themselves. According to Gallup’s latest global survey, only 13% of the world’s workers are engaged. Last year, the New York Times published […]

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The One Truth That I Know For Sure

By David Harder on the January, 26, 2018

For years, Oprah Winfrey featured an annual episode where leaders would share the one thing they knew with certainty.   Here’s mine:   Every single one of us comes into this world with a unique purpose. Until we find that purpose, to varying degrees, we suffer. Our unique role in the world cannot and will not be defined by others. In fact, until we engage in the kind of self-examination that leads to the truth, we are typically living someone else’s life, someone else’s idea of who and what we ought to do for a living or how we ought […]

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No Matter Where You Are, This Will Make Your Day Better

By David Harder on the January, 25, 2018

We all have them. Life is sailing along and then we encounter a real clunker of a day.   There is a solution that doesn’t require leaving one’s computer.   As the owner of Inspired Work, the recession introduced quite a few difficult days. I began evaluating ways to rebuild our company. Eventually, the way we did that was to reinvent how social networking is used. All too often, it is used to sell our products and services. But, the spirit of social networking is to build relationships. When we make any type of a sales pitch with new contacts, […]

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Does Your Tribe Support You or Own You?

By David Harder on the January, 22, 2018

We were delivering an especially large Inspired Work Program. After the first lunch, a group of men came walking in together. They were laughing. They had come up with the “Jewish Mother’s Hierarchy of Acceptable Career Choices.”This narrow range of possibilities was based on how one mother’s eyebrows responded when the other revealed what her son did for a living. A minor rise was a CPA. Halfway up the forward was an attorney. Of course, those eyebrows reached the hairline for a physician. A specialist added a natural facelift. But, what happened when one of these young men came home and […]

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Einstein Draws a Circle and I Don’t Know My Ass From a Hole in the Ground

By David Harder on the January, 13, 2018

This morning, someone close to me said the two most valuable phrases a person can say are, “I need help” and “I don’t know.”   When I started leading The Inspired Work Program in 1990, I was thrown into an existential crisis. Growing up with a white-male-pissed-off God had given me a series of protective mechanisms that were excruciating in the face of the spiritual transformation happening with our participants. So, I went to a spiritual coach every week for fourteen years. It was a bit like going to a therapist except everything we discussed was done in a spiritual […]


Fear of Success is a Big Fat Ugly Lie

By David Harder on the January, 12, 2018

Early this morning, I woke up and thought of how frightening it would be to pay all my bills, buy a spectacular beach home in the Malibu Colony and purchase a brand-new Azimut 77S foot yacht with a crew of two. My mind wandered towards getting up and visiting Amazon book reviews on my new book which include, “It sets a new bar in the creation of iconic business books” and “David Harder does it again.” Tomorrow, perhaps we would fly in our private jet to Milan with an afternoon shopping in the Fashion District and an evening at La […]