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Just Where is the Culture of Outrage Taking Us?

There are certain mornings where I ought to avoid Facebook. I have a lot of work to do today and since most of it is about positive change in my client’s lives or our business, it is important to approach the work with optimism.   And yet, the first six

Work's Single Most Important Revolution

Work’s Single Most Important Revolution

The American spirit was founded on optimism, which is vastly different than hope. Optimism is the belief that our actions will lead to better lives. Now, optimism is being fused to profit-making and the results are spectacular.   No other category of work better symbolizes optimism than in our country’s rapidly

We See You - Episode Deux

We See You – Episode Deux

“The truths sets us free but at first, it will piss us off.”   Attributed to a wide variety of sources.   Many of us are worried that criminal and egregious behavior is becoming normalized within our culture. But, from the measurements we typically use, that just isn’t the case.

Will Work Save or End Democracy

Will Work Save or End Democracy?

For the next few minutes, please include the possibility that we might be wrong on everything we suggest.  Try on the upcoming thoughts and see where this narrative takes you. In an hour or two, if it doesn’t work, throw the ideas away.   As a method of government, Democracy has led