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Wedding Bells for Underemployment & Employee Disengagement

Wedding Bells for Underemployment & Employee Disengagement!

It is quite possibly the biggest wedding of all time. Millions are coming.   Have you joined the registry?   Our country is in the midst of the largest restructuring of work since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. The growing disappearance of task work is creating a crisis of

How to Get the Best Recommendations​ Ever

How to Get the Best Recommendations​ Ever!

After participating in one of our programs, many of our clients come to us for support in career marketing or launching a business. Invariably, they will ask how to approach others for recommendations and endorsements.   The right answer is, “Don’t do it!”   In fact, getting great recommendations can

What is Fear of Success​ Really

What is “Fear of Success”​ Really?

Picture this:   You awaken in your waterfront apartment in Monaco. The sun is fresh and bright, the air is clean, you open your window and look down at your Perini Navi superyacht. The crew has been readying the boat for a voyage to the Seychelles. As you pass the

Were Tasks Ever That Much Fun

Were Tasks Ever That Much Fun?

Every day, I find myself in conversation with someone who is underemployed. For those who have taken on survival jobs, it can be very difficult to hear that we are actually coming into an era of work that offers us an unprecedented opportunity and not just to make good money.


Where is Your High Road?

Defining and finding the work that is most meaningful to us is one of the greatest ways to lead a richly rewarding life.   For the last 28 years, my company has orchestrated the success of thousands of individuals in stepping into uniquely personalized careers. We have also helped a

3 Lies About Work That Threaten Our Democracy

3 Lies About Work That Threaten Our Democracy

Many of my readers are exhausted by the turmoil that is taking place in America.   For a while, I’ve asserted the underlying cause is not political. Our current political divisiveness is but a symptom of our nation’s relationship towards work.   Relevance is the purpose of democracy, where every