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Kill Spam & Replace it With Good

Kill Spam & Replace it With Good

It happens virtually every single day on LinkedIn, Facebook, and other sites. We accept an invitation which is immediately followed by an e-mailed sales pitch. Often the service or product they are selling has nothing to do with our work, business, or interests. Sometimes fiction is added to the pitch:


Just Where is the Culture of Outrage Taking Us?

There are certain mornings where I ought to avoid Facebook. I have a lot of work to do today and since most of it is about positive change in my client’s lives or our business, it is important to approach the work with optimism.   And yet, the first six

Work's Single Most Important Revolution

Work’s Single Most Important Revolution

The American spirit was founded on optimism, which is vastly different than hope. Optimism is the belief that our actions will lead to better lives. Now, optimism is being fused to profit-making and the results are spectacular.   No other category of work better symbolizes optimism than in our country’s rapidly